Why choose PPW?

Why choose an elopement? Whether you call it an elopement, micro wedding, or destination wedding, we think eloping in Hawaii is the best! Elopements by definition or usually 30 or fewer guests, and destination weddings would include a bit larger guest list. We believe there are many reasons to choose to elope or plan a destination wedding:

• You can skip the headache of planning an elaborate wedding with a huge guest list and massive details to tackle
• You get to have your enjoy your honeymoon start right away, and also enjoy a vacation with your closest friends and family, and spend much more time with them than only ONE day
• You get to do what YOU want, and plan around the details that are most important to you
• PLUS, it saves money! The average wedding now costs $24,000! Trust me, 150 guests with a minimum cost per person of over $160 per person, having an intimate event will save you some serious money.

Why Choose a Big Island Elopement?

We are the experts on Big Island elopements and destination weddings. Pink Pineapple believes that we can provide the best possible planning services, guiding you every step of the way. We are a locally run and owned company, run by a couple that actually LIVES in Hawaii. There are now many elopement planning services located on the mainland, and they don’t know the beaches, the hidden gems, the vendors, the culture like we do. We are able to help you plan the perfect event, from the two of you, to a group of 30 or less on the beach, to a lavish event at a private estate. We want your wedding day to be special and perfect without sacrificing any of the best parts that a larger event would offer. with over 500 weddings planned, we know just how to make it perfect for you!

 Want to have your first dance on the beach? Of course! Cut your cake on the beach? Absolutely! Whatever traditions you want to incorporate into your elopement, we are here to help see your vision through from start to finish!

We also think the Big Island is the perfect location to elope. From the pristine white sand, to the stunning lava rock shores, this island offers so much more than gorgeous scenery. The size of the Big Island offers more seclusion and privacy too. And we know all the local gems and when they will be less crowded. We are the experts on sunsets, settings and scenery. We will show you all of the options, you choose your location, and leave the rest of the details to us!

Want to add more flair to your event? Additional services and package extras are always available, and we are willing to work with you to customize a Big Island elopement package that will suit your needs to a "T". We are also happy to add event coordination services and offer additional full-service planning to make your wedding day run smoothly and get everything organize for you from afar. We want to be there for you every step of the way, and our clients reviews back up our promise to offer to communicate efficiently and offer a day that will be easy and perfect.

Contact us for more information or with any questions you may have about Big Island elopements today!